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SPS Sedation Provider Course®

This course provides a comprehensive review of pediatric procedural sedation, including pre-sedation assessment, sedative pharmacology, sedation-related adverse events, monitoring and management of adverse events, patient recovery and discharge process.

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The course is intended to provide sedation practitioners with the basic knowledge and core competencies that promote safe and effective procedural sedation to children. This cognitive (didactic) based education covers all aspects of procedural sedation including patient selection and risk assessment, general approach to procedural sedation, sedation monitoring, sedative drug pharmacology and recognition and management of common sedation-related adverse events.

Important for learner:  This SPS Sedation Provider Course may be coupled with a simulation-based training course. The online learning portion of this course should be completed prior to the simulation day course. To create the best possible learning environment and afford each participant maximum hands-on time, the simulation-based training course is usually limited to 24 participants or less.  Please see the link under Additional Details to find dates for upcoming conferences where the simulation-based training course is offered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Perform a pre-sedation risk assessment effectively;
  • Describe the effects of sedation on pediatric airway tone and respiratory physiology;
  • Explain the principles of and interpret the information from pulse oximetry and capnography monitoring;
  • Diagnose and manage adverse airway and cardiopulmonary events during sedation;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the pharmacology and uses of common sedative/analgesic drugs;
  • Describe effective teamwork dynamics and communications skills required by pediatric sedation teams; and
  • Develop a systematic and rational approach to pediatric sedation.

Intended Audience:

The target audience includes physicians, dentists, advanced practice professionals, nurses, or child life specialists who are involved in helping children to successfully undergo procedural sedation. Team member sub-specialties include:

  • Pediatric Anesthesia
  • Child Life
  • Pediatric Critical Care
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatric Hospital Medicine
  • Pediatric Radiology
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Advanced Practice Nursing

Access to all course material expires 365 days after course activation.

Additional Details

Duration of online course: 4.0 hrs.

Certificate of Completion

Pre and post-test online exams

Course content includes:

  • Pre-Test online exam
  • SPS Sedation Provider Course® Syllabus
  • Online learning modules
  • Post-Test online exam

The SPS Sedation Provider Course® is a prerequisite for taking the in-person, hands-on portion. The hands-on training is administered at conferences we host through-out the year. To find dates of upcoming conferences, click here.